The Man Who Seduced Hollywood: The Life and Loves of Greg Bautzer... (Hardcover) Book

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The Man Who Seduced Hollywood: The Life and Loves of Greg Bautzer is a riveting Greg Bautzer biography, telling the tale of how this famous lawyer seduced some of the greatest Hollywood legends in history. Bautzer graced the covers of gossip tabloids for years, having escapades with stars such as Joan Crawford, Ava Gardner, and Rita Hayworth, among others. Bautzer was as successful in his career as he was in love, representing the richest and brightest stars in Hollywood and achieving unparalleled fame for a lawyer. Bautzer was a self-made individual, and his biography is full of fascinating anecdotes. This compelling read is available through the TCM Shop.

Full-Length Synopsis:
Open any movie magazine from the 1930s, ’40s, or ’50s and you’ll find a picture of attorney Greg Bautzer with a beautiful starlet. Columnists dubbed him “Hollywood Bachelor Number One,” and for good reason. His long-term relationships and momentary conquests were a who’s who of leading ladies, including Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, Ginger Rogers, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, Jane Wyman, Dorothy Lamour, Ann Sothern, Greer Garson, Merle Oberon, and Peggy Lee, to name just a few.

Yet Bautzer was more than a Hollywood Don Juan. As a lawyer, he represented nearly every major star of his era, as well as the richest man in the world, Howard Hughes, for whom he served as adviser, confidant, and best friend. He also handled Hughes’s shadier deals, including writing checks for a harem of kept women and quashing potentially embarrassing tell-all biographies.

In Hollywood history, no other lawyer has achieved the movie star–like fame and glamour that Bautzer enjoyed. The Man Who Seduced Hollywood tells, for the first time, the amazing story of a self-made man who for fifty years used his irresistible charm and prodigious legal talent to dominate the courtrooms, boardrooms, and bedrooms of Hollywood.

In addition to new stories about Hughes, this biography contains countless anecdotes about Bautzer's other well-known clients and friends including Joan Crawford, Frank Sinatra, Ingrid Bergman, Rock Hudson, Bugsy Siegel, Robert Evans, Kirk Kerkorian and many more of the twentieth century's biggest stars.

  • B. James Gladstone with Foreward by Robert Wagner
  • Publisher: Chicago Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781613745793
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