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OFFICIAL Ginger Rogers Milk Bottle (Quart)

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Whatís a Hollywood star to do in her downtime? Why, start a dairy, of course! Ginger found her escape from the Hollywood humdrum in the quiet of the Southern Oregon countryside. With 1000 acres of freedom on the Rogue River she and her mother started the Rogersí Rogue River Ranch dairy. With a herd of premium Golden Guernsey cows the 4R dairy served Southern Oregon with milk, cream, and butter products for almost 10 years. Through itís run in the Ď40s, the Rogers Rogue River Ranch Dairy supplied dairy products to soldiers in White City, near Medford, during World War II. With the Official Ginger Rogers Milk Bottle you can imagine seeing what soldiers at Camp White would have seen: Miss Rogers pouring some of her fresh milk for a bond rally function. This original 1942 Duraglas milk bottle from the Rogers Rogue River Ranch Dairy comes straight from the Ginger Rogers estate and is guaranteed with a Certificate of Authenticity. For the truly devoted Ginger fan, there is no gift richer than a part of her history like this quart glass.