The Ren & Stimpy Show: Season 5 And Some More Of Four DVD

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  • Technical Specs
  • Format: DVD
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Run Time: 390 Minutes
  • Region: 1 Region?
  • Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen
  • Studio: Nickelodeon
  • DVD Release Date: September 20, 2005
  • Audio: ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]
  • Color: Color
  • Includes:
    13 Audio Commentaries From Both The Spumco And Games Animation Teams
    Ren & Stimpy On Ren & Stimpy
The Twisted World Of Ren & Stimpy Returns With The Remaining Seventeen Episodes Of The Original And Groundbreaking Animated Series. Witness Stimpy Trying To Break His Tv Addiction, The Duo Helping Reverend Jack Cheese Impart The Gospel Of Meat, And See Stimpy Finally Hitting Puberty (Pimples Aside, Old Man Höek Could Not Be Prouder). 37 A: Double Header Ren Wants Stimpy Out Of His Life, But A Freak Accident At The Bus Depot Leaves The Two Medically Sewn Together! And That'S When Things Get Freaky. B: Scotsman In Space This Time, It'S Not Space Madness; There'S A Scotsman Outside The Spaceship! Commander Höek And Cadet Stimpy Feed Him, Dissect Him, And Even Discover His Dead Space Genie. 38 A: Pixie King Ren Reads Stimpy The Story Of Two Worker Elves That Aspire To Earn Their Pixie Wings. But Elfish Ren Wants More, Of Course! He Aspires To Be King Of The Pixies! B: Aloha Hoek Washed Up On A Deserted Island, Ren Insists On Living Inside A Stinky Fish Carcass Rather Than At The Big Kahuna'S Tropical Paradise That Stimpy Discovers. With Dom Deluise! 39 A: Insomaniac Ren Ren Just Wants To Get Some Sleep, But He'S Got An Incurably Insane Case Of Insomnia. Especially With Stimpy'S Stupid Cures B: My Shiny Friend Stimpy Just Won'T Stop Watching Tv! What Can Ren Do To Break Stimpy His Debilitating Addiction? 40 A: Cheese Rush Days Ren And Stimpy Are Pioneers In Search Of High Country Blue Cheese. Will They Strike It Rich Or Fall Victim To Savage French Chefs, Deadly Cheese Gas, And Other Wild West Perils? B: Weiner Barons Ren And Stimpy Overcome All Obstacles To Become The Wiener Barons Of Canada. But Winning The Wiener Game Isn'T As Easy As It Sounds. 41 A: Galoot Wranglers Wild Wilbur Hickcobb Tells Ren And Stimpy A Yarn About The Bygone Wild Galoots Of The Open Range And The Wranglers That Sought Them For Their Rodeos. B: Ren Needs Help! Stimpy Finally Has Ren Committed To Shady Brain Farm Insane Asylum Where Other Patients Like Muddy Mudskipper, The Fire Chief, And Mr. Yak Try To Get Help Too. Disc 2 42 A: Ol' Blue Nose A Slap On The Nose Suddenly Turns Stimpy Into The Crowd-Pleasing Crooner, Ol' Blue Nose. And Ren Knows Just How To Cash In On This Development. B: Stupid Sidekick Union When The Stupid Sidekick Union Calls, Stimpy Goes On Strike. And Finding A Replacement Isn'T Going To Be Easy For Poor Ren. 43 A: Superstitious Stimpy On The Unluckiest Day Of The Year, Stimpy Is Doing All He Can To Avoid Bad Omens, But That Won'T Be Easy, Considering Ren Is The Unluckiest Dog In The World. B: Travelogue Join Your Hosts Ren And Stimpy For A Trip To The Lost Continent Of Acromeglia Where They Explore Foreign Customs, Sites To See, And The Joys Of Revolution Day Ssn 5 46 A: Space Dogged Comrades Ren And Stimpy Are Cosmonauts Leading The Soviet Space Race Against The Astronaut Pigs Of The United States. Is It Any Wonder That The U.S. Won? B: Feud For Sale A Salesman Tries To Raise The Quality Of Life For Mr. Dimwit And Neighboring Mr. Nitwit By Raising The Level Of Feuding Between Them. 47 A: Hair Of The Cat Ren Is Allergic To Cat Hair. So Who Vows To Help Him Feel Better? Why, A Certain Dimwitted Feline, Of Course! B:City Hicks When A Heavy Rain Ruins Ren And Stimpy'S Dust Crop, They Must Start A New Life For Themselves In The Big City. But Are They Cut Out For Harsh City Life? 51 A: Stimpy'S Pet Stimpy Adopts An Adorable, Cigar-Smoking Circus Clown As His Pet, Which Quickly Drives Ren Crazy (Not A Far Trip). With Phil Hartman! B: Ren'S Brain When Stimpy Removes Ren'S Brain In The Name Of Science, He Gets The Idiot Ren He Always Dreamed Of. That Is, Until Ren'S Brain Gets Home From Work. 48 A: Bellhops As Bellhops, Ren And Stimpy Must Defend The Privacy Of The Ever-Elusive Mr. Noggin In The Penthouse. But Ren'S Greed Has Been Known To Get The Better Of Him B: Dog Tags Stimpy Has No Problem Getting Into Ren'S Secret Dog Lodge Meeting, But Ren Needs To Pass A Few Tests To Prove That He'S A Dog, Lest He Be Rejected By His Own Kind. Disc 3 52 A: I Was A Teenage Stimpy Stimpy Finally Hits Puberty, And Pimples Aside, Old Man Höek Could Not Be Prouder. But Will Ren Really Be Able To Put Up With Stimpy'S Runaway Pubescence? B: Who'S Stupid Now? What Would Happen If Stimpy Was The Skinny Jerk And Ren Was The Fat Dumb One? Find Out When Their Producer Threatens To Cancel The Show Unless They Switch Roles! 49 A: School Mates When An Old Fraternity Brother Finds Out That Ren Lives With A Cat, He Tries To Re-Awaken The Chihuahua'S Canine Instincts. When That Fails, He Bonds With Stimpy Instead. B: Dinner Party Master Of Etiquette Ren And His Loyal Houseboy Stimpy Show Us The Best Way To Host A Successful Dinner Party For High Society'S Craziest Cream-Of-The-Crop Crowd. 45 A: Pen Pals When The Cops Confiscate Ren And Stimpy'S House, They Repeatedly Attempt To Break Into The Lavish Tulip Pines State Penitentiary. Talk About Characters With Conviction! B: Big Flakes When Ren And Stimpy Get Snowed Into An Isolated Log Cabin For The Winter, Insanity And Stupidity Slowly But Surely Set In. Plus, Be A Man With Varicose Veins! 44 A: Terminal Stimpy Oh, No! Stimpy'S Used Up Almost All Of His Nine Lives! Can Ren Help His Friend Overcome His Denial And Learn To Accept The Inevitable? B: Reverend Jack Cheese Ren And Stimpy Drive A Meat Truck For Reverend Jack Cheese, Helping Him To Impart The Gospel Of Meat That Is, Until He Loses His Meat-Filled Mind. 53 A Scooter For Yaksmas Stimpy Wants A Johnny Future'S Jet Scooter For Yaksmas, So Badly, That He Accidentally Steals One! To Clear His Name, He Must Seek Out Old Saint Whizzleteats Himself! 50 A: Sammy And Me Stimpy Has Mantis Mania For His Favorite Lounge-Singing Hero, Sammy Mantis! But Will He Ever Be So Lucky As To Get His Head Bitten Off By The Mantis Man? B: The Last Temptation Of Ren Ren Chokes On Lumpy Oatmeal, Has An Out-Of-Body Experience, Visits With The Gardening Big Guy In The Sky, And Then Returns To Earth A Changed Chihuahua. But For How Long?