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4 Kid Favorites: Tom and Jerry Adventures DVD
4 Kid Favorites: Tom and Jerry Adventures

4 Kid Favorites: Tom and Jerry Adventures

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TOM AND JERRY TALES: VOL. 5 Feed your need for speed - and animated insanity - as our combative, competitive and comedic cat and mouse crank things up in classic battle form. Tom becomes a "Jerry Buster" at a Monster Convention using Van Helsing's box of ghostly gadgets, then a Bigfoot hunter tracking down a silly Sasquatch in another outrageous outing, and then a lifeguard-in-training with deadpanning costar Droopy and finally a sneaky surfer who rubs one ornery shark the wrong way, all to Jerry's delight. With 12 totally terrific cartoons on tap, let the fun times roll. TOM AND JERRY'S MAGICAL MISADVENTURES Abracadabra! Get ready for Magical Misadventures with the world's most charming characters. Wielding magic wands and careening through creepy castles, Tom is up to his old tricks as he continues the never-ending chase of his elusive target: Jerry. Fall under a spell of fun and laughter with these 7 cartoons that are guaranteed to delight kids and adults alike. TOM AND JERRY: THE MAGIC RING Left in charge of a priceless magical ring by his young wizard master, Tom is horrified when the ring gets stuck on Jerry's head - and the little mouse takes off into the city. Before you can say "abracadabra," the entire town is hot on our heroes' tails, the sorcerer's ring is spouting a torrent of mischievous magic, and Tom and Jerry are up to their animated ears in the most supernaturally hilarious escapade of their cartoon career. TOM AND JERRY BLAST OFF TO MARS Tom and Jerry boldly go where no cat and mouse have gone before when they get trapped on a spaceship bound for Mars. After their mistaken mission goes hilariously out of control, the tables are turned on Tom when, thinking he's a giant outer space monster, the Martians attack! But what really bristles the cat's whiskers is Jerry being hailed as the Martians' long-lost supreme leader! Will the dueling duo put their differences aside long enough to save Earth from invasion? They may need all of Tom's nine lives to succeed in this extraterrestrial funny adventure.
Title: 4 Kid Favorites: Tom and Jerry Adventures
Genre: Family-Animated, Animation
Studio: Turner Classic Movie
Number of Discs: 4
Attributes: Boxed Set
Release Date: 5/3/2016
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 883929535965
Item #: 1701189X

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