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4-Movie Lifetime Collection: Volume 2 DVD
4-Movie Lifetime Collection: Volume 2

4-Movie Lifetime Collection: Volume 2

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My Mother the Spy Alison's (Jayne Brook) mother, Gloria (Dyan Cannon), has always been unreliable and scatterbrained, often jetting off to undisclosed locations for various family emergencies. But when she fails to show up for vacation, Alison reachesher breaking point. With the help of her grandmother (Gloria Stuart), Alison tracks down her mom...who just happens to be on a mission for the CIA. When she accidentally blows Gloria's cover, Alison must follow in her mother's footsteps to bring her homesafely. She may not have the training, but she's got the genes for the job! Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story Kerry Ellison is smart, beautiful and on the verge of promotion. But when her IRS co-worker, Jack Gilcrest (Victor Garber),becomes obsessively interested in her life, she no longer views the workplace as a vessel for success, but instead a source of discomfort. When Jack's stalking and sexual advances finally push her to the limit, Kerry becomes involved in a landmark court battle that will set a precedent for sexual harassment cases to come. Closer and Closer Kate (Kim Delaney) not only writes about crime, she has lived it. Attacked by a serial killer and confined to a wheelchair, the novelist has dedicated herself to crafting fictitious fatalities. But when someone starts taking a literal approach to one of her murderous characters, the FBI has a serious copycat on their hands. Kate tries to help with the case, but it's hard to suppress her frightening past...especially as the killer moves Closer and Closer. Color Me Perfect Sweet and free-spirited, Dina (Michele Lee) loves her life, despite her low mental capacity. Even though she's happy, when Dina is approached by a team of scientists that believe
Title: 4-Movie Lifetime Collection: Volume 2
Genre: Drama
Starring: Michele Lee, Susan Blakely, Kim Delaney, Dyan Cannon
Studio: Echo Bridge
Release Date: 9/1/2015
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 096009347642
Item #: 1507628X

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