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The Adventures of Kit Carson: Volume 7 DVD
The Adventures of Kit Carson: Volume 7

The Adventures of Kit Carson: Volume 7

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Legendary western hero Kit Carson and his dependable side-kick, El Toro, ride from one dangerous situation to the next, always fighting for truth and justice. Bill Williams, who had a long film and TV career in westerns, crime dramas and science fiction,plays the upright scout Carson with rugged believability. The role of Kit's girl-crazy Mexican pal is humorously handled by Don Diamond, who later played Cpl. Reyes in the "Zorro" series (1957-1959) and Crazy Cat in "F Troop" (1965) before lending his voice to a series of animated cartoon characters. "The Adventures of Kit Carson" is an early rough-riding treasure from the golden age of TV westerns that brought iconic shows like "The Lone Ranger," "The Cisco Kid," "Roy Rogers" and "Wild Bill Hickok" to small screens across America.Border Corsairs: A rag-tag renegade army plans a reign of terror, starting with an attack on poorly defended San Diego.Broken Spur: Kit joins forces with a group of teenage vigilantes to fight off an outlaw gang.Mask of the Vigilantes: A politician with dreams of vast power and wealth stages fake terrorist attacks on his town in an effort to scare the citizenry into electing him mayor.Mojave Desperados: Kit Carson loses his job guiding a militarypayroll wagon through the desert when a rival claims to know a shortcut.
Title: The Adventures of Kit Carson: Volume 7
Genre: TV Western, Westerns
Starring: Donald Diamond, Bill Williams
Director: John English
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 4/25/2006
Original Year: 1951
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218502896
Item #: ALP850289

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