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The Adventures of Robin Hood: Volume 9 DVD
The Adventures of Robin Hood: Volume 9

The Adventures of Robin Hood: Volume 9

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The legend of Robin Hood is given a grand retelling in this popular and long running series made for television (1955-58). Filmed in Great Britain with the handsome and dashing British actor Richard Greene as Robin, the "outlaws" of Sherwood Forest watchover the people of England and protect them from the cruelty and greed of the ruling aristocrats.The Road in the Air: When the Sheriff imposes a new road toll, the townspeople beg for Robin Hood to fight for their rights. Rather than resorting toviolence, Robin creates an ingenious way to bring goods to the mill, drawing the Sheriff into a clever trap.Carlotta: All of Sherwood Forest is abuzz with gossip when Little John falls in love with a dancer from London. But when she is accused ofbeing a spy for the Sheriff, John must prove her loyalty to the men of Sherwood Forest.The Goldmaker: Maid Marian takes Robin to meet an alchemist who has learned how to transform lead into gold. A supporter of King Richard, the medieval scientistis prepared to fund their war on Prince John, but there's something suspicious about his motives.The Scientist: Prince John learns of a scientist who has invented a new and powerful deadly weapon. Rather than help the traitorous prince, the scientist looks to Robin Hood for help.
Title: The Adventures of Robin Hood: Volume 9
Genre: TV Action & Adventure
Starring: Patricia Driscoll, Alexander Gauge, Donald Pleasence, Richard Greene, Archie Duncan
Director: Robert Day
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 2/28/2006
Original Year: 1955
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218496799
Item #: ALP849679

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