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America on the Move 1876-2000 DVD
America on the Move 1876-2000

America on the Move 1876-2000

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Ships, trains, planes and automobiles - chances are that one or more has taken you for a ride. But have you considered how deeply each has contributed to the development and transformation of America?Join THE HISTORY CHANNEL for a spectacular tourof the national Museum of American History's new transportation exhibit, America On The Move, with two full-length documentaries. America on the Move feature interviews and fascinating archival footage that highlight the museum's priceless transportationartifacts that include an actual piece of Rout 66 that visitors can walk on, a full-sized steam locomotive, and the interior of a Mississippi riverboat. using advanced multimedia technology and innovative theatrical design. American On the Move is an unforgettable experience that brings to life the pivotal role transportation has played in our nation's business and social and cultural growth.Concluding our transportation double feature is the A&E BIOGRAPHY profile Henry Ford: Tin Lizzy Tycoon. From the moment the first Model T rolled off the assembly line. America's love affair with the automobile has never let up. But the man behind the wheel was full of contradictions, infamous for his intolerance, yet admired for his inventiveness. Interview with former workers and family members point out his genius and eccentricities, while historians trace the career of this industrial giant from the first hand-built car to the V-8 that saved his company from bankruptcy. Compelling and in-depth, Henry Ford:Tin Lizzy Tycoon captures the essence of one man, who more than any other, changed the way we move.From the horse and buggy to the railroad to automobiles to a global culture of almost instantaneous communication, THE HISTORY CHANNEL explores mor
Title: America on the Move 1876-2000
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Starring: Jack Perkins
Studio: A&E Home Video
Release Date: 6/29/2004
Original Year: 2003
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 733961713381
Item #: ANE071338

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