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American Guns: The 13 Part Documentary Series DVD
American Guns: The 13 Part Documentary Series

American Guns: The 13 Part Documentary Series

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American Guns Blu-ray

Synopsis: It is not known when the first gunpowder charge exploded, sending a projectile down a barrel, to a distant target. Since then, firearm designers and manufacturers have been driven to make guns more accurate, improve reliability, extend their range, and ultimately make guns more alluring. Nearly 400 years has passed since European settlers traveled across the Atlantic, carrying a wheel-lock carbine single-shot musket, now known as the Mayflower Gun, to the new world. From that moment on, guns and America would be forever linked.

This 13-part series explores the history of firearms - which began as a survival tool and became part of the American experience. This documentary chronicles how American firearms innovation propelled the nation to the pinnacle of the industrialized world while designing and manufacturing the most effective and beautiful guns the world had ever seen.


  • Program 1: The Kentucky Long Rifle and the Revolutionary War
  • Program 2: U.S. Armories and the War of 1812
  • Program 3: Breechloaders and Jacksonian Democracy
  • Program 4: Trouble in Texas and Samuel Colt
  • Program 5: Prelude to War and Increased Fire Power
  • Program 6: Guns of the American Civil War
  • Program 7: The Six Shooter and America's New Industrial Age
  • Program 8: The Long Gun and America's New Industrial Age
  • Program 9: Dawn of Modern Firearms: Browning and the Spanish-American War
  • Program 10: Guns of World War I and Gangsters
  • Program 11: Guns of World War II
  • Program 12: Guns of Korea, Vietnam and 21st Century Warfare
  • Program 13: Guns for Hunters, Sport and Protection
Title: American Guns: The 13 Part Documentary Series
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Studio: Mill Creek
Release Date: 2/7/2017
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 683904545985
Item #: 1777701X

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