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Annie Oakley: Volume 6 DVD
Annie Oakley: Volume 6

Annie Oakley: Volume 6

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In four action-packed episodes of the popular wild-west adventure series, thrilling sagas of legendary sharpshooter Annie Oakley (Gail Davis) unfold in the dusty town of Diablo. Chasing outlaws from the saddle of her trusty horse, Target, Annie keeps lawand order with Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig (Brad Johnson) at her side. Helping them is Annie's younger brother Tagg, always eager to solve the town's exciting mysteries of suspense. A fictional account of the life of the famous star of Buffalo Bill Cody'sWild West Show, these episodes amazed audiences with Annie's fast and fancy shooting and breathtaking horse riding stunts.Annie And The Leprechauns: Old Tim Lafferty claims that the leprechauns have granted him divining powers - he can find wateror gold on any property with a tree branch. Crooks fear that he will alert Miss Biddle to the rich gold vein on her ranch - before they can swindle her out of it.Desperate Men: Pretty Debby Scott is dumfounded when her long-lost fiance, David Ingram, suddenly appears in town.Shadow At Sonoma: Lofty poses as a slain gunfighter and infiltrates a gang of ruthless counterfeiters. His chances of survival grow slim when his identity is betrayed.Sundown Stage: Walt Bronson is shot duringa violent stage holdup and is stricken with amnesia. What's worse, the driver was killed and Walt is being charged with murder.
Title: Annie Oakley: Volume 6
Genre: TV Western, Westerns
Starring: Billy Gray, Harry Lauter, Frank Fenton, Eve Miller, Annie Oakley, Gail Davis, Jimmy Hawkins, Brad Johnson
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 3/31/2009
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218578891
Item #: ALP857889

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