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Arch Hall JR Signature Collection DVD
Arch Hall JR Signature Collection

Arch Hall JR Signature Collection

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The SadistCharlie Tibbs, an escaped homicidal maniac, has left a trail of rampage and murder across the countryside. When a group of school teachers stop to repair their car on a desolate highway, they are brutally attacked by Tibbs who tortures them in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Arch Hall, Jr., who starred in a series of Fairway-International films in the 60s, had previously only been cast as all-American rock 'n' roll types. In The Sadist, however, he gives the performance of hiscareer in a role so unforgettable that his ferocity remains unsurpassed in the annals of horror. Hall's portrayal, along with a vivid screenplay and cinematography by future Academy Award-winner Vilmos Zsigmond (The Deer Hunter), creates a powerful workof art that is as shocking now as it was in 1963.The ChoppersA fast-moving slice of '60s juvenile delinquent movie making, this film features the debut of sixteen year-old Arch Hall, Jr., son of movie producer Arch Hall. Cruiser is a punk with a taste for crime. His gang of hot-rodding thugs, including Torch, Flip and Snoop, specialize in stripping cars in record time. The rampaging teens make quick work of any vehicles unfortunate enough to stop on their stretch of the highway. A tenacious insurance investigator teams up with the police, determined to put an end to the crime-spree. As the noose tightens on the out-of-control teens, bullets fly with tragic results.Wild GuitarWith just a cheap guitar and one suitcase,Bud Eagle rolls into Hollywood on his motorcycle. He's invited to attend a TV taping and when one of the performers falls ill, Bud jumps on stage and takes his place. Within moments, the crowd goes wild and Bud is an instant star. The biggest manager in H
Title: Arch Hall JR Signature Collection
Genre: Comedy Video, Box Sets
Starring: Robert Dix, Richard Kiel, Marilyn Manning, William Watters
Directors: Leigh Jason, Ray Dennis Steckler, James Landis, Nicholas Merriwether
Studio: Alpha Video
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 7/27/2010
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 089218106292
Item #: ALP810629

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