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Archives of War: Volume 3 DVD
Archives of War: Volume 3

Archives of War: Volume 3

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The Archives of War is a fascinating six-program collection of wartime images ranging from the trenches of World War I, through the unparalleled destruction or World War II, to the Cold War's atomic arsenals. Most of this material, shot on 35mm film by British Pathe News, has never been seen by U.S. audiences. Thus it offers a fresh visual treatment of the major conflicts in the 20th century.Program 5 - Korea tells the story of the Cold War's first "hot" conflict - from the invasion of South Koreaby the North Korean Army on June 25, 1950, to the armistice that was signed three years later. It also includes material from the war's aftermath such as political protests in South Korea, the positioning of tactical atomic weapons on the Korean peninsula, and the resignation of South Korea's president. Other highlights include the Inchon Landing, General MacArthur's resignation, air warfare, the retreat of U.S. forces from Chosin reservoir, POW exchanges, and the infamous Koje prison camp riots.Program 6 - Vietnam illustrates several phases of a conflict that lasted many years - from the French struggle against communist Viet Minh in the 1950's to the start of the Paris peace negotiations in 1968. France's war in Vietnam is well documented: airattacks, commando raids, land battles, the buildup of U.S. forces during the 1960's, bombing raids, riverine operations, naval air attacks and worldwide protests against the war, from Saigon to Stockholm.
Title: Archives of War: Volume 3
Genre: Special Interest-War
Director: Marty Callaghan
Studio: Mpi Home Video
Release Date: 3/26/2002
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 030306730226
Item #: MPD007302

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