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Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997 Blu-ray
Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997

Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997

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Batman (1989) Jack Nicholson is the Joker, who emerged from a horrible accident as a maniacal criminal. Michael Keaton is the Caped Crusader, who emerged from a childhood trauma to become a masked crime fighter. Kim Basinger is Vicki Vale, the talented photojournalist desired by both men. And Batman is the movie, the all-out spectacular directed by Tim Burton, set to songs by Prince and a music score by Danny Elfman, and an Academy Award® winner for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration (AnFurst and Peter Young).Batman Returns (1992) Gotham City faces two monstrous criminal menaces: the bizarre, sinister Penguin (Danny DeVito) and the slinky, mysterious Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer). Can Batman (Michael Keaton) battle two formidable foes at once? Especially when one wants to be mayor and the other is romantically attracted to Bruce Wayne? Like the groundbreaking 1989 original, Batman Returns is directed by the wizardly Tim Burton. And like the first blockbuster, it's adazzling adventure that leaves you breathless.Batman Forever (1995) Riddle me this, riddle me that, you'll find adventure on the wings of a bat! Brace for excitement as Batman (Val Kilmer), Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones), the Riddler (Jim Carrey), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman) and Robin (Chris O'Donnell) star in the third formidable film in Warner Bros.' Batman series. Joel Schumacher directs and Tim Burton co-produces this thrill-ride of a movie that thunders along on Batmobile, Batwing, Batboat, Batsub and bold heroics. Hang on!Batman & Robin (1997) George Clooney plays the Dark Knight, facing his deadliest threat yet: cold-hearted Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and venomous Poison Ivy (Uma Thurman). Batm
Title: Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-1997
Genre: Action-Super Hero
Theme: Batman, DC
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Kim Basinger, George Clooney, Mac McDonald, Jack Nicholson, Danny De Vito
Directors: Tim Burton, Tim Angulo, Peter MacDonald, Max Kleven, Joel Schumacher, David Hogan, Billy Weber, Conrad Palmisano
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 5
Attributes: Gift Set, Special Edition, Slipsleeve Packaging, Digital Copy
Release Date: 3/10/2009
Product Type: Blu-ray
UPC: 883929031689
Item #: WBD040924

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