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Bloody Murder / Bloody Murder 2 / Junior / Deadly Species DVD
Bloody Murder /  Bloody Murder 2 /  Junior /  Deadly Species

Bloody Murder / Bloody Murder 2 / Junior / Deadly Species

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Blood MurderThe terrifying legend of Trevor Moorehouse, a masked figure who wields a chainsaw instead of a left hand, is behind the frightening game of Hide-and- Seek played on the first night of camp every year.But this year, an underlying sense of terror is lurking in the minds of the campers and counselors. And thrills by a campfire soon turn into the counselors' worst nightmares as they begin to disappear, one by one. Bloodcurdling screams and the roar of a chainsaw are the onlysounds in the isolated woods, and the remaining counselors must scramble to solve the mystery before becoming the killer's next victim.Blood Murder 2It's been five years since Trevor Moorehouse terrorized Camp Placid Pines, pilingup bodies like cords of wood. But now the counselors must close the camp for the winter and they are not alone...Coming to Placid Pines is most difficult for Tracy, whose brother Jason was one of Trevor's first victims. Haunted by nightmares, Tracy is facing her worst fears, and when the counselors decide to play a game of Bloody Murder after a few drinks, the results are deadly.Tracy's nightmares begin to come true as one by one the counselors are brutally murdered. Someone is hunting them through the pitch-black forest and is determined to kill them all. Make no mistake about it, Trevor Moorehouse is back.JuniorWhen two beautiful women, Sandra and Rebecca, find themselves stranded in the middle of a lonely countryside road, they have no choice but to split up, Sandra heads back to the gas station they had filled up at earlier, and Rebecca stays with the car.As darkness descends and Sandra doesn't return, Rebecca becomes increasingly worried. When a young ma
Title: Bloody Murder / Bloody Murder 2 / Junior / Deadly Species
Genre: Horror, Box Sets
Starring: Jessica Morris, Peter Guillemette, Michael Stone, Patrick Cavanaugh, Christelle Ford, Tracy Pacheco, Justin Martin, David Smigelski, Ben Parillo
Director: Ralph Portillo
Studio: Lions Gate
Number of Discs: 4
Attributes: Full Frame
Release Date: 10/4/2011
Original Year: 2003
Product Type: DVD
Rated: R
UPC: 031398142621
Item #: LVD814262

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