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The Blue Planet: Seas of Life DVD
The Blue Planet: Seas of Life

The Blue Planet: Seas of Life

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Before creating the monumental Planet Earth, producer Alastair Fothergill and his team from the BBC put together one of the most breathtaking explorations of the world's oceans ever assembled, The Blue Planet: Seas of Life. The winner of two Emmy Awards (Outstanding Cinematography- Non-Fiction and Outstanding Music Composition for George Fenton's score), The Blue Planet: Seas of Life is the definitive exploration of the marine world, chronicling the mysteries of the deep in ways never before imagined.This groundbreaking series is now being re-released in a special edition with an added 5th disc of bonus programming not included in the original DVD release.See it again, like never before!Ocean WorldExperience the power ofthe Blue Whale the largest mammal ever to grace our planet, as the body of water that mystifies humans is now conquered by cameras. Learn how the sun and moon help control and tame the ocean. Travel far and wide from the Eastern Pacific to Alaska, from the Bering Sea to the shores of Southern California and begin to understand the complexity and power of our oceans.Frozen SeasAn environment where only the toughest survive, the Arctic and Antarctic are unrelenting habitats. Onlyin the spring does life begin again. Plankton blooms and feeds vast hordes of migrating fish, walruses rake the seabed for clams, and minke and humpback whales gorge themselves on gigantic swarms of krill. But it is a brief spring feast the ice soon returns and pushes life back into the oceanOpen OceanIn the immense space of the open ocean, the sea bed is a staggering five miles below the surface, and the nearest island is over 300 miles away. Yet here live many of the most spectac
Title: The Blue Planet: Seas of Life
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary, Box Sets
Director: Alastair Fothergill
Studio: BBC Warner
Number of Discs: 5
Attributes: Special Edition
Release Date: 10/2/2007
Original Year: 2001
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 883929030811
Item #: BBC040754

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