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The Boaters Guide to Improving Your Boats Fuel Economy DVD
The Boaters Guide to Improving Your Boats Fuel Economy

The Boaters Guide to Improving Your Boats Fuel Economy

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Learn HOW TO Reduce the COSTS of Fuel Consumption & Boat Operation. If you want to learn HOW TO reduce the costs of boat operation & improve your boats fuel economy, the Boater's Guide to improving your Boats Fuel Economy is just what you need! Increased fuel prices are hurting commercial and sport fishermen, charter boat operators and recreational boaters. Saving fuel is a complex issue, dependent largely on your particular vessel and how you operate. There isn't much boaters can do about the price of fuel, but they can follow some basic procedures to help reduce the amount of fuel needed and lower the cost of fuel consumption. Saving money on boat fuel can be as easy as simply slowing down or as complicated as replacing a boats engine and results vary greatly depending on the vessel. This program offers tips for conserving fuel along with fuel saving suggestions for re-powering boats. By following a few simple steps and procedures, boaters can lower their vessel fuel costs without drastically changing day to day operations and boating activities. If you're in the market for a new or used boat, you'll also find tips and suggestions to help you make the right purchase decisions. DVD Menu: Engine & Hull Maintenance, Propellers, Navigation, Weight Considerations, Fueling the Boat, Boat Operation, Fuel Saving Options, Purchasing Considerations.
Title: The Boaters Guide to Improving Your Boats Fuel Economy
Genre: Special Interest-Instructional
Studio: Bennett Marine Video
Release Date: 2/23/2010
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 097278089905
Item #: 347992X

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