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Bob Traux: The US Navy's Rocket Man DVD
Bob Traux: The US Navy's Rocket Man

Bob Traux: The US Navy's Rocket Man

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Captain Robert Truax has truly been the pioneering rocket engineer of the United States Navy, and later, in the private sector, with companies such as Aerojet along with his own firm, Truax Engineering. He has developed a large number of revolutionary rocket systems, and is well known as being one of the first proponents of low-cost rocket engine and vehicle designs, including the idea for a Navy-based ballistic-missile submarine fleet. This one-hour documentary profiles the life of Bob Truax. A down-to-earth pioneer of space-faring endeavors. The true rocket man of the U.S. Navy. His developments, his ideas, have literally shaped the way we live today and the way we stay safe in America. Even now, his ideas, both the concepts from back then and those that are now still being developed and engineered, are yet driving innovations that will show US the future. Bob Truax, a man of dreams envisioned to become reality, a patriot, a charmer, kind, eyes always twinkling, known for his venturesome spirit, his keen intellect, his depth and personal integrity, is an innovator, a creator, like few before him. Bob Truax's vision will potentially affect all of humanity as we venture forth, thrusting away from our planet to explore the worlds that lay beyond. The Truax name will live on in engineering history for generations to come.
Title: Bob Traux: The US Navy's Rocket Man
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Studio: Monarch Mod
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, NTSC Format
Release Date: 7/29/2014
Original Year: 2007
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 186103000267
Item #: 1294153X

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