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Branded: The Complete Series DVD
Branded: The Complete Series

Branded: The Complete Series

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In Branded, Chuck Connor's plays the part of Captain Jason Mc Cord, West Point graduate and decorated Cavalry officer. As the sole survivor of the Battle at Bitter Creek, an Apache Indian massacre, he is judged to have deserted the field of battle and isstripped of his rank. He is branded a coward and disgraced in the eyes of the world.Mc cord roams the West in search of redemption and justice, for others and ultimately for himself. His exciting travels take him into the lives of many others searching for the dream of the American West. He moves from one town and job to the next, plying his training as an engineer. He always takes the time to lend a hand, to right a wrong and to stand up to injustice. From time to time, President Ulysses S. Grantrecruits him for daring undercover missions, which he courageously undertakes, but his disgrace and shame follow him wherever he goes.Branded first aired in January 1965 and had a very successful two year run. A Mark of its success is the numberand quality of television stars of the time that appeared in guest roles. They included Alex Cord, Burt Reynolds, Peter Graves, Rod Cameron, Claude Akin's, Gene Evans, John Ireland, John Arraigned, MacDonald Carey, Cesar Romero, Chad Everett, Marie Windsor, Marilyn maxwell, Warren Coates, Greg Morris, John Agar, Bruce De rn, Beau Bridges, Lee Van Clef and many more future stars.Branded is true Western classic and Chuck Connor's as jason Mc cord is the epitome of the American spirit; rugged and courageous. He is unafraid to take on any task and through his strength and will, he is able to overcome whatever odds are placed before him.
Title: Branded: The Complete Series
Genre: TV Western, Westerns
Starring: Ida Lupino, Peter Graves, Dick Powell, David Niven, Charles Boyer, Burt Reynolds, Alex Cord, Rod Cameron, Branded, The Branded
Studio: Timeless Media
Number of Discs: 6
Release Date: 8/14/2012
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 011301651860
Item #: 645150X

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