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Caillou: Let's Go Sledding DVD
Caillou: Let's Go Sledding

Caillou: Let's Go Sledding

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Join Caillou this winter and take a ride down a snowy hill in a cardboard sleigh or play ice hockey on Caillous homemade rink. Watch as Caillou learns his limit when sledding down the Big Hill and gets a lesson in patience while he waits for his raspberry garden to flourish. So come along, join Caillou and experience the greatest adventure of growing up this winter! Includes:Caillou Learns PatienceRushing the Raspberry - Caillou realizes good things are worth waiting for when he decides to help Mommy grow a raspberry bush.Wait to Skate - When Daddy builds an ice rink in the backyard, Caillou comes to realize the importance of being patient.Caillou's Hiccups - Caillou learns not to make a mountain out of a molehill when he gets a bad case of the hiccups!Caillou the SnowmanSnowflakes - Caillou eagerly awaits the first snowfall of winter, and imagines himself building the biggest snowman in the world.Caillou Shoots! He Scores! - Caillou wants to play hockey with Billy and the other big kids, but he can't keep up. Daddy tells him that if he keeps practicing he'll be really good in no time.Tobogganing - Mommy can't find Caillou's toboggan for the playschool trip. Miss Martin tellshim that a cardboard box slides just as well as a toboggan on snow. Once they get to the hill his bobsled box works just as well as all the other kids' sleds.Caillou in the GardenCaillou's Camel Ride - After learning more aboutcamels, Caillou overcomes his fear of this unusual animal.It's Not Too Big For Me! - Caillou learns to recognize his limits after attempting to sled down the "Big Hill".Caillou's Flying Saucer - When Caillou thinks he's seen a flying saucer in hi
Title: Caillou: Let's Go Sledding
Genre: Family-Pbs Kids
Starring: Caillou
Director: Larry Jacobs
Studio: PBS (Direct)
Release Date: 10/8/2013
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 841887019545
Item #: 752775X

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