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Camilla Lackberg Fjallbacka Murders: Set 2 DVD
Camilla Lackberg Fjallbacka Murders: Set 2

Camilla Lackberg Fjallbacka Murders: Set 2

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Camilla Läckberg is one of the world's most famous crime novelists who's been published in more than 50 countries and has sold more than 11 million copies. The Fjällbacka Murders is based on the world of Läckberg's character, Erica Falck, a successful crime writer and mother of three. She's moved with her husband and children from the city to her hometown of Fjällbacka, a fishing village on a picturesque island off the coast of Sweden. Her return seems idyllic, but simmering beneath the village's surface lie hidden secrets, twisted desires and deceit waiting to erupt into the ultimate sin - murder. THE SEA GIVES, THE SEA TAKES When Erica finds photographer Stigge murdered in his studio, she can't help but take interest in the investigation. She learns that her mother-in-law, Kristina, was one among many in the neighborhood whom Stigge had blackmailed. With this news, Erica begins to dig even deeper into his past. THE COAST RIDER The coast guard finds two amateur divers dead after a storm and then discovers that two more are missing. Erica investigates something that could link all of the victims together: the divers had salvaged a shipwreck from the 1820s, where they found intact bottles of wine worth millions at auction. THE QUEEN OF LIGHT On a crystal clear, starry winter night a young woman dressed in a traditional Lucia gown is seen running across the ice. When she reaches an unfrozen channel, she drops her crown of candles in the snow and throws herself into the dark waters. As Erica investigates the case, she discovers the missing Lucia, a secret love affair and a man seeking revenge.
Title: Camilla Lackberg Fjallbacka Murders: Set 2
Genre: TV Crime, Foreign-Swedish
Starring: Lennart Jahkel
Studio: MHZ Networks Home
Number of Discs: 3
Attributes: Widescreen, Subtitled, Anamorphic
Release Date: 10/20/2015
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 815047018761
Item #: 1538992X

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