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Cities of the World: Mumbai, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Dublin, Houston, Luxor, New Orleans DVD
Cities of the World: Mumbai, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Dublin, Houston, Luxor, New Orleans

Cities of the World: Mumbai, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Dublin, Houston, Luxor, New Orleans

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MUMBAI: The Marine Drive is a popular destination. Listen to Bollywood tunes or the Punjabi rap there. Or if you prefer to be away from the loud sounds and noisy blues, Mumbai will always have it's quiet corners. Yoga is popularly practiced in Mumbai. One of the recent practices is aerial yoga, where yogis would pose using cloth harnesses that are suspended from the ceiling. Another option is to travel via the sea-a highly recommended way to see the city! The Gateway of India is superb at sunset, definitely a sight to behold. COPENHAGEN: Roam around the city of Copenhagen and you'll find anything and everything to suit your taste and interests. Denmark's capital is filled with historic landmarks, architectural sights and museums that speak of it's culture. The diminutive stature of this bronze-cast Hans Christian Andersen heroine is considered the city's most iconic landmark. Not to be missed are the canals. ATLANTA: Capital of the state of Georgia, which is the most populous city in the U.S. Atlanta is known for it's diversity and culture. DUBLIN: The capital and largest city of Ireland, Dublin. Dublin's unique charms is it's string of attractions that offers a bit of everything for everyone. The Guinness Storehouse is one, being one of Ireland's top visitor attractions. The National Gallery of Ireland is where you'll find over 2,500 paintings and some 10,000 other works in different media. Watercolor art, drawings, prints, and sculptures are all there. HOUSTON: One of the most interesting, mysterious cities in the world and this is perhaps mainly because of it's Space Center, the place for NASA's astronaut training and flight control complex. Alongside it's outer space and otherworldly curiosities, the city also includes the Theater District, the Houston Grand Opera and the Historic District. The city is beautified with 19th century inspired architecture with trendy establishments. LUXOR: The Temple of Karnak is a massive ancient site that has several different temples that are dedicated to specific gods. The Temple of Luxor, a rather easily accessible place right at the center of town. It was founded by Amenophis III but altered in later years by Tutankhamun, Horemheb and Ramses II. NEW ORLEANS: A city of jazz, Mardis Gras, and Cajuns cuisine. It's alive and buzing with activity. The largest city in Louisiana is located along Mississippi River and has one of the largest inland ports in the United States. It is considered a melting pot of cultures, with French-speaking Cajuns, including Creoles, Italian, Irish and German residents.
Title: Cities of the World: Mumbai, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Dublin, Houston, Luxor, New Orleans
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary, Special Interest-Travel
Studio: TMW Media Group
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 4/22/2021
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 709629248847
Item #: 2399532X

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