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The Collingwood O'Hare Collection: 3 DVD Set DVD
The Collingwood O'Hare Collection: 3 DVD Set

The Collingwood O'Hare Collection: 3 DVD Set

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Eddy & the Bear - Based on the characters created by best-selling children's author, Jez Alborough, EDDY & THE BEAR is the continuing story of a little boy's first ever friendship with a ten foot tall, talking bear. Each episode follows their daintures in and around the beautiful woods near Eddy's home, as well as the weird and wonderful world of their imaginations. Bear introduces Eddy to the wonders of the natural world and Eddy confuses the Bear with talk of computer games and school, but nothing rocks the solid foundations of their friendship. This collection includes the originally Christmas morning broadcast special and the complete 26 episode TV series. RARG - RARG is a land so perfect that the sun never rises until it is absolutely sure that everyone is awake. It is a wondrous fantasy world where the population thrives on making exciting new discoveries. Until one day an astonishing discovery is made the happy people of RARG are just dreams! The unexpected twists and turns of the tale will surprise and delight viewers of all ages! Animal Stories - The ANIMAL STORIES run like modern-day Aesop Fables and tell us all about a Penguin who can't fly, a Leopard who wants to change his spots, a Fly who learns how to read and many more. These stories are conveyed as humorous rhyming couplets. Simple, fresh and lots of fun, Animal Stories takes a humorous look at the lives, loves and concerns of the animal kingdom, viewed from a child's perspective. Each episode of this colorful series, centers on a different animal and asks a question about an aspect of life that all children can relate to What do you do if you're a Dog that's got bad breath?
Title: The Collingwood O'Hare Collection: 3 DVD Set
Genre: Animation - Childrens
Starring: The Bear, Eddy
Studio: Mill Creek
Number of Discs: 3
Release Date: 2/19/2013
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 683904529572
Item #: 517339X

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