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Colonel Bleep DVD
Colonel Bleep

Colonel Bleep

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Colonel Bleep, an interplanetary intelligence agent from the planet Futura, is sent to investigate Earth after an atomic explosion. Aiding him in his quest for knowledge are Squeak, a lively puppet with a mind of his own, and Scratch, a dim-witted caveman. Of course, Colonel Bleep's adventures are by no means limited to merely discovering the ins and outs of planet Earth; as they travel the galaxy, the three comrades encounter vicious monsters and do battle with wicked villains such as Dr. Destructo and The Black Knight.The brainchild of Robert D. Buchanan, "Colonel Bleep" was the only known production by Soundac Studios, an upstart production company out of Miami. The first animated series produced in color, Colonel Bleep was, nonetheless, very much a product of its time. Visually, the show utilized the futuristic graphic style that dominated the space age 1950s, and made use of numerous intergalactic gadgets, weapons, and Bleep's own powerful "Futomic" energy. From its inception in 1956, the 104original episodes of "Colonel Bleep" maintained a long success in syndication. The show was eventually hampered by its own primitive production, and disappeared from the tube entirely. Here for the first time on DVD are 23 rare episodes from this forgotten kid's series.Includes the following episodes (sorted alphabetically, not in order of appearance on DVD): Building an Island Base Colonel Bleep Arrives on Earth Danger Below Dangerous Holiday Earth from Outer Space Exposed Ghastly Ghost Greedy Gorilla Ingenius Invention Invisible Gorilla Man Hunt on the Moon Nightmare Runaway Rocket Satellite of Death Scratch and the Feathered Friend
Title: Colonel Bleep
Genre: Animation
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 8/23/2005
Original Year: 1957
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 089218484796
Item #: ALP004847

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