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Come Back, Africa: The Films of Lionel Rogosin: Volume 2 DVD
Come Back, Africa: The Films of Lionel Rogosin: Volume 2

Come Back, Africa: The Films of Lionel Rogosin: Volume 2

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Come Back, AfricaLionel Rogosin's religion could be dubbed "liberation cinematography" - he made films as a way to fight injustice. In 1957, Rogosin followed his calling to South Africa creating Come Back, Africa - a powerful and moving drama exposing the harsh reality of life under the system of aprtheid. Shooting secretly under the very noses of the feared South African police, Rogosin, his crew and his cast (including journalists/activists Lewis Nkosi, Bloke Modisane, and Can Themba) risked arrest and deportation. Miriam Makeba, whose electrifying appearance in Come Back, Africa launched a legendary career, found herself banned from her country after she traveled to Venice for the movie's premiere. The scenes shot in the vibrant black ghetto ofSophiatown are precious images of a lost world. Nkosi later said of the film, "It is a monument...We were able to show the world what South Africa really was like."Black RootsRogosin took the fight for equality to his homeland with his astonishing fourht feature, Black Roots. The extraordinary cast, including Reverend Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick, attorney and feminist activist Florynce "Flo" Kennedy, musicians Jim Collier, Wende Smith, Larry Johnson and Reverend Gary Davis, tell stories of heartbreak and despair while their songs blow the roof off the rafters. A deeply humanist film, Black Roots combines tales of oppression with hauntingly beautiful images of the faces of black men, women and children.
Title: Come Back, Africa: The Films of Lionel Rogosin: Volume 2
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Starring: Zacharia [Mgabi], Frederick D. Kirkpatrick, Gary Davis, Vinah [Mgabi], Arnold, Jim Collier, Larry Johnson, Auntie, Dube-Dube, Wende Smith
Director: Lionel Rogosin
Studio: Milestone Video
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 2/25/2014
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 784148013343
Item #: 905871X

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