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Corpse Grinders Collection: Corpse Grinders / Corpse Grinders 2 DVD
Corpse Grinders Collection: Corpse Grinders /  Corpse Grinders 2

Corpse Grinders Collection: Corpse Grinders / Corpse Grinders 2

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The Corpse Grinders (1971, Color): Human bodies are fed into a bone crunching meat grinder, mashed into a bloody pulp, poured into cans and shipped out to market as Lotus Cat Food. Unsuspecting pet owners are being attacked and killed by felines driven into blood lust by their newly acquired taste for human flesh. The corpse-grinding cat food moguls have been running low on dead bodies and are on the lookout for fresh meat. Enter Angie, a nubile young nurse whose cat is acting up after eating out of Lotuscans. Angie comes to the factory looking for answers and is abruptly taken to the blood-soaked conveyor belt that feeds the insatiable grinder. Bonus features include a TVM Studio Tour and a Commentary Track by Ted V. Mikels.The Corpse Grinders II (2000, Color): The giant flesh-mangling meat grinder in the basement of the Lotus Cat Food Company is back in business under new management. And this time, the popular "food for cats who like people" has drawn the attention of an alien race of intelligent felines from the planet Ceta. The Cetans' food supply has been destroyed in their interplanetary war with dog-headed dinosaurs. With help from the U.S. Government's "men in black," the cat queen, Felina, negotiates a mega-deal with the Lotus Company tosupply her planet with food. This sudden increase in orders has the new owners scrambling for fresh - and not-so-fresh - human flesh to meet the growing demand.
Title: Corpse Grinders Collection: Corpse Grinders / Corpse Grinders 2
Genre: Horror, Box Sets
Starring: Sean Kenney, Warren Ball, Sanford Mitchell, Monika Kelly
Studio: Alpha Video
Number of Discs: 2
Release Date: 11/25/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218960894
Item #: ALP896089

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