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Synopsis: Little Jessie Graver (Jadin Gould) doesn't know it yet, but she's about to have the worst birthday a kid can have. Sure, she's received a neat present - her first cell phone - but later that night, her mother Sara (Jodi Thelen) will fall into a coma when a live electrical cable falls into the pool. She's taken off life support, and eight years later, Jessie (now played by Julie Carlson) is a sullen teenager who wants nothing to do with her father (Toby Huss), spending her time hanging out with her friend Damon (Johnny Pacar) and his girlfriend Mia (Brooke Vallone). While going through some of her old things, she finds that old phone, never used, and on a whim calls her old home phone number. A little girl answers, and she and Jessie seem to have a lot in common. Reviews: "The plot itself is simple, but effective, and the filmmakers do an impressive job of giving Jessie new challenges without the movie feeling like it's padded, repeating itself, or otherwise arbitrary." Jay Seaver, eFilm Critic "Never predictable and building in tension as it takes us through different times and realities, this complicated story is well plotted and connects up well as a coherent whole." Quiet Earth Cast: Johnny Pacar (Wild Child, Little Black Book, Make it or Break it- TV) Toby Huss (Vegas Vacation, Carnival, The Basketball Diaries) Steve Bannos (Pineapple Express, Superbad, 40 Year Old Virgin) Production Date: 2009 Aspect: HD/16X9 Running time: 90 Minutes Sound: Stereo Available: World Wide All Media Selling Points: Sold well on PPV/VOD on 80 Cable/Sat Networks in 2010 Selling well on DVD and IP/VOD since 2009 Solid Cast High Production Values
Title: Cryptic
Genre: Horror
Starring: Jadin Gould, Julie Carlson, Brooke Vallone, Johnny Pacar, Jodi Thelen
Studio: Big Bite Ent.
Release Date: 6/8/2010
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 837654866689
Item #: ALG486668

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