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Curious George: Takes a Job and More Monkey Business! DVD
Curious George: Takes a Job and More Monkey Business!

Curious George: Takes a Job and More Monkey Business!

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Curious George is back with even more fun and excitement from his Daytime Emmy-nominated PBS Kids TV series. George knows that there are a lot of different jobs that people can do. How can he decide what he wants to be unless he tries them all? Including8 shows narrated by Primetime Emmy Award winner William H. Macy, Curious George is on duty as everyone's favorite monkey in Curious George Takes a Job and More Monkey Business!Curious George Takes A JobWhen George and Gnocchi experimentin Chef Pisghetti's kitchen, they discover that not all foods cook the same way and some things just don't belong in the pasta pot.Curious George Takes Another JobWashing the windows at a big skyscraper is the perfect job for a littlemonkey - at least until George gets distracted!Curious George Gets A TrophyGeorge has a chilling experience on a hot day after Chef Pisghetti rewards him for doing a great job at the restaurant.The Truth About George Burgers/b&When George accidentally loses the burgers for the fireman's picnic, he and Gnocchi must find a way to replace them - and fast!Curious George, Door MonkeyGeorge tries to help Hundley with his duties as lobby dog, but when some interesting packages arrive, his curiosity gets the better of him.George The GrocerThe customers think that George is the most helpful grocery clerk ever - but the grocer is puzzled by some of George's creative solutions.Curious George The ArchitectMr. Glass's construction site seems like a great place to play, but George soon learns that while bulldozers, jackhammers and cement mixers are fun, they're definitely not toys.George Makes A StandGeorge an
Title: Curious George: Takes a Job and More Monkey Business!
Genre: Animation - Childrens
Starring: William H. Macy
Studio: Universal Studios
Attributes: Full Frame, Dolby
Release Date: 8/28/2007
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 025195002783
Item #: MCA050027

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