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30dyc: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 2 DVD
30dyc: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 2

30dyc: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 2

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Welcome to 30DYC! This first phase will help build a solid foundation to start yoga, breathing and meditation practice. This DVD targets the shoulders, neck, upper and lower back. Shoulders are a tight place for many people, particularly in our modern drive-thru, office cubicle society where reaching forward is the most common position. In this video I'll show you a variety of shoulder openers that will help you to release tension, stress and pain, and open the channels to the heart chakra, energy meridians, and arms to create fluid, "happy" shoulders. The neck healing sequence video is specifically created to help heal your neck muscles and shoulder and upper back areas. Following five car accidents and several snowboarding accidents, this sequence has been a tremendous help to alleviate pain and suffering from my body. It has also helped students of my specialized practice around the world. This video and sequence targets the painful areas that can become blocked after injury or just from poor sitting position and improper skeletal alignment. Many people experience lower back pain from a variety of causes. Some of these include sitting too much, weak core muscles, tight hamstrings, poor posture, or contributing injuries. The lower back video sequence on this DVD is specifically designed to help heal and balance the lower back by strengthening and stretching the appropriate muscle groups that support a healthy, happy back. This sequence is created for all levels of ability. Those without lower back pain will also benefit greatly from this practice.
Title: 30dyc: 30 Day Yoga Challenge With Dashama Disc 2
Genre: Health & Fitness-Yoga
Studio: Perfect 10 Lifestyle
Release Date: 9/13/2016
Original Year: 2016
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 885007606192
Item #: 1734746X

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