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Dateline Europe Espionage Collection 1-3 DVD
Dateline Europe Espionage Collection 1-3

Dateline Europe Espionage Collection 1-3

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DISC ONE:Flea Market: Reporters Cannon and Davis race against each other to uncover the culprit who is attempting to pass three million dollars in counterfeit American money through the Parisian black market.Diamond Bullet: A beautiful fashionmodel who was a double-agent during the war leads Cannon on a mysterious and deadly chase involving illicit diamonds.Sleepy Village: A quiet salesman discovers he has inherited money from an American relative. Publicity arouses the murderous intentions of enemies from his past who wish to expose him as an imposter.Special Bonus - Foreign Intrigue - Hall Of Justice: Newly found democratic justice is put to the test as a powerful war criminal is tried for his crimes.DISC TWO:Science Conference: An important physicist seeking asylum promises to identify a notorious prison torturer from behind the Iron Curtain.At The Front: After Cannon identifies the body of a murdered fellow reporter, he takes it upon himself to investigate the killing, risking his own life.Radio Message: Cannon confronts a band of devious spies who attempt to hold the population of an entire country for ransom.The Code Room: Cannon is the chief suspect when a vital code book is stolen from the government.DISC THREE:Stolen Bird: Reporter Helen Davis infiltrates the operations of a corrupt contractor illegally manipulating the reconstruction of factories in post-war Europe.Ghost In The Valley: In Stockholm, a fellow newspaperman tips Cannon off that a war criminal that Cannon believed dead is still alive and will lead a neo-Nazi uprising.Saw Mill: A terrified Polish scientist, desperate to get industrial secrets to the West, puts Cannon in danger when he confide
Title: Dateline Europe Espionage Collection 1-3
Genre: Television, Box Sets
Starring: James Daly, Jerome Thor
Studio: Alpha Video
Number of Discs: 3
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 11/25/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218960795
Item #: ALP896079

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