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DC Comics Super Hero Movies: 3 Full-Length Movies DVD
DC Comics Super Hero Movies: 3 Full-Length Movies

DC Comics Super Hero Movies: 3 Full-Length Movies

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Batman: Gotham KnightAcclaimed screenwriters including David Goyer (Batman Begins), Josh Olson (A History of Violence) and Alen Burnett (Batman: The Animated Series) join forces with revered animation filmakers on six spellbinding chapterschronicling Batman's transition from novice crimefighter to The Dark Knight. These globe-spanning adventures pit Batman against the fearsome Scarecrow, the freakish Killer Croc and the unerring marksman Deadshot. From some of the world's most visionary animators comes a thrilling depiction of Batman as man, myth and legend.Green Lantern: Emerald KnightsWith stories by acclaimed writers including Geoff Johns, Alan Burnett and Dave Gibbons, this DC Universe Animated Original Movie explores the rich mythology of the Green Lantern universe through six interlocking chapters. While awaiting a battle with Krona, an acient enemy of the Guardians of the Universe, Earth's Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Kilowog Sinestro and other members of the Green Lantern Corps recount their greatest adventures to new recruit Arisia--everything from tales of the first Lantern to the ominous events that led to the Corps' Blackest Night!Superman: A Little Piece of HomeTimeless characters and innovative storytelling unite to create a powerhouse collection of episodes as Superman faces off with four formidable foes to defend his adopted home. Mild-manneres Clak Kent and his alter ego Superman take on a government conspiracy, a luniatic scientist knownas the Weather Wizard, the fiery willainess Volcana and, of course, achnemisis Lex Luthor all in the name of Truth, Justice and the American Way in these thrilling stories from the acclaimed TV show! Experience a universe a hard-hitting excitement with t
Title: DC Comics Super Hero Movies: 3 Full-Length Movies
Genre: Animation - Super Hero
Theme: DC
Director: Jay Oliva
Studio: Warner Home Video
Number of Discs: 3
Attributes: Repackaged, 3 Pack
Release Date: 10/14/2014
Product Type: DVD
Rated: PG13
UPC: 883929405657
Item #: 1281847X

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