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Dimension Extreme Triple Feature DVD
Dimension Extreme Triple Feature

Dimension Extreme Triple Feature

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Rogue- From the director of Wolf Creek comes this terrifying look at natures perfect killing machine. When a group of tourists stumble into the remote Australian river territory of an enormous crocodile, the deadly creature capsizes their boat - trappingthem on a tiny mud island with the tide quickly rising and darkness descending. As the hungry predator closes in for the kill, they must fight for survival against all odds. Starring Michael Vartan (Alias) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill), Rogue deliversbrutal action and breathless suspense as it speeds towards one of the most intense final showdowns ever filmed.Broken- Hope and her young daughter are abducted and brought to a remote forest by a mysterious and nameless man. As Hope is forced to undergo a series of humiliating, violent, and degrading trials, she fights desperately to escape and discover the fate of her missing daughter.Welcome To the Jungle- Two young couples set out to explore the jungles of New Guinea in search of Michael Rockefeller, heir to the Rockefeller fortune, who went missing there over 40 years ago. But their hunt for a big payday turns them into the hunted, as the native cannibals track their every move and incomprehensible bloodshed awaits at the gory end.
Title: Dimension Extreme Triple Feature
Genre: Action / Adventure
Starring: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Abbey Stirling, Sandy Gardiner, Nadja Brand
Directors: Simon Boyes, Greg McLean, Adam Mason, Jonathan Hensleigh
Studio: Weinstein Company
Release Date: 10/11/2011
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 883476059952
Item #: UVE605995

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