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Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Seven Blu-ray
Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Seven

Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Seven

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The series’s 18th season was the last for Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. A visit to an intergalactic recreational center is anything but a vacation for the Doctor, Romana (Lalla Ward), and K-9 when they're accused of murder and must prevent an interplanetary war, in "The Leisure Hive." It's a prickly situation (sorry!) when a cactus-like chameleon creature called "Meglos" impersonates the Doctor in order to steal the planet Tigella's power source, the Dodecahedron. The Doctor, Romana, K-9, and new ally Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) embark on a three-adventure odyssey into the interdimensional realm known as E-Space where the menaces include marsh monsters, in "Full Circle," medieval space vampires, in "State of Decay," and star-spanning slaveships, in "Warriors' Gate." Next, A haven of interplanetary peace and harmony is threatened by a mysterious creature known as the Melkur, and the Doctor is shocked to find the true source of the evil, in "The Keeper of Traken." And, The Master's (Anthony Ainley) latest plan for universal conquest lures the Doctor and his companions to present-day Earth, the mathematical city of "Logopolis," and a battle between the arch-foes in which only one will survive.

28 episodes on 8 discs. 11 hrs. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Title: Doctor Who: Tom Baker: Complete Season Seven
Genre: British-Sci-Fi, TV Sci-Fi
Theme: Doctor Who
Starring: Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Anthony Ainley, John Leeson, Laurence Payne, Jacqueline Hill, Leonard Maguire
Studio: BBC Warner
Attributes: Amaray Case
Release Date: 3/19/2019
Original Year: 1980
Product Type: Blu-ray
UPC: 883929662326
Item #: 2125326X

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