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Dollgatory: Everything for a Buck or More DVD
Dollgatory: Everything for a Buck or More

Dollgatory: Everything for a Buck or More

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When the owner of a dollar store murders his wife to collect on the insurance money, God devises a punishment that will truly make the killer repent for his crime. George Speedopoulis (Conor Mclean) is a man whose business is failing. Realizing that his wife Gina (Nadia Qaquish) has grown deeply disenchanted, George discerns that the only way out of his dilemma is to end his wife's misery and make a fortune on the insurance money. At first everything is great - the insurance check arrives and George prepares to celebrate - but before long it becomes apparent that something is deeply amiss. God has prepared a special punishment for George, and now in order to find redemption the murderous spouse will have to spend eternity in a purgatory that's been tailorsuited to him. George is trapped in the Dollar Store with no hope of escape. Should he fail in convincing the clientele to renew their faith in God, George will spend eternity wandering the store's endless aisles. But these customers are the same folks who made George's life miserable on earth, so encouraging them to turn their lives around will be no simple task. From arrogant Office Malone to Josie the corporate witch, Jean the dependable employee, and a mystery guest that's sure to pose a challenge, each of these customers is on a mission to destroy George at all costs. Will George pass God's Judgment Day test, or will he spend the rest of eternity suffering in the florescent-lit prison known as Dollgatory?
Title: Dollgatory: Everything for a Buck or More
Genre: Comedy Video
Starring: Tara Shuttleworth, Tony Vogiantzis, Jean Pantelidis, Nadia Qaqish, Conor McLean, Sarah Fawzy, Paolo Giacco
Director: Tony Vogiantzis
Studio: Ariztical
Release Date: 5/20/2008
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 631008164496
Item #: ARZ000644

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