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Drift It! DVD
Drift It!

Drift It!

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Learn how to drift while watching the hottest talent burn rubber from Japan to the U.K. Witness some staggering sideways action and breathtaking long, fast slides, than take a seat in the classroom with rally analyst Robbie Head. He'll show you how to tear up the tarmac using any rear wheel drive car. Jump drifts, cross-line slides, vaulting box drifts and more are shown in detail - with unique pedal cameras to make sure you see how it's all done! The pros featured in Drift It! Have advice on which car and tires to use and modifications to help you drift faster and longer. Watch as legendary 'Drift King' Keiichi Tsuchiya teaches the law a thing or two about getaway driving and see drifters in action at Rockingham and Donington in turbo-charged BMWs, Toyota Supras and Mazda MX5's. Drift It! ^#^shows you the fastest way to get sideways in all conditions; and how to stay there for as long as possible! "Ideal if you fancy trying some sideways action." Max Power "Just because drifting's almost exclusively a Jap-car phenomenon, it doesn't mean rear-drive Ford's can't get a look-in. Drift It features rallying pundit, Robbie Head taking an inside look at the finer points of drifting, highlighting the top ten methods used with a dead useful 'pedal' Camerato show how it's done. The pros tell you the best cars, tires and mods to use, plus there's great footage from the UK, Middle East, and Japan, naturally." Fast Ford Magazine "Drifting has kicked-off in the UK harder than Vinny Jones in a suit of armor. Duke Video have put together this DVD, that's basically a guide for aspiring drifters with step-by-step features showing you loads of techy info about getting sideways. If you've got a rear-wheel drive motor and want to learn how to get the a* out properly then order yourself a copy now." Fast Car UK Magazine "You've seen people drifting, but exactly how is it done? Well, Keiichi Tsuchiya shows you how to jump drift, cross-line slide, vaulting-box drift and more, in detail - with pedal cameras to see how it's all done." Redline Magazine.
Title: Drift It!
Genre: Sports
Studio: Duke Marketing
Release Date: 10/23/2012
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 5017559103491
Item #: 372959X

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