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Earth Collection DVD
Earth Collection

Earth Collection

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An amazing Earth DVD collection, will let you in on the secrets of the moon, the sun and the Earth. And everything in between. Join scientists and explorers as they cover every facet of our planet and beyond. The Earth series DVDs are a two-disc set offascinating landscapes, human and animal life and much more. Shop for the Earth DVD collection it is a must-have for everyone interested in how our planet survives, from top to bottom, with the help of the sun and moon. If We HadNo Moon:Without the moon, we wouldn't exist. Life, if it had started at all, would be in the earliest stages of evolution. Days would last four hours, winds would blow at hurricane-force and there'd be a dense and toxic atmosphere resemblingthe runaway greenhouse effect of hell-like Venus. What luck that 50 million years after the formation of the solar system, our proto-planet is smacked by a planetesimals more than twice the size of Mars. From that mother-of-all impacts is born the Moon. It is born in less than a year from debris blasted into orbit an enormous object in the sky, just 14 thousand miles away, 17 times closer than today. What was the earth like before this? What would the earth be like if the moon went away? What would it be like, "If We Had No Moon?"What Lies Below:"What Lies Below" centers around a young female team of cave explorers that will travel to any location on the planet Earth to passionately explore and document the millions of uncharted miles of caves that rest beneath our feet, much of which has never been seen or tread on by mankind. Each member of our team comes with a specialty that will be used to make scientific discoveries, map uncharted territories, discover new species of animal
Title: Earth Collection
Genre: Special Interest-Nature
Studio: Discovery Channel
Release Date: 4/5/2011
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 018713579768
Item #: DSC357976

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