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Evita (Music From the Motion Picture) CD
Evita (Music From the Motion Picture)

Evita (Music From the Motion Picture)

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Middle-class girl, can act a bit, moves to the big city, climbs up the ladder and over a few men, sets her sights on nothing less than worldwide fame, does anything and everything to make that happen, and makes sure everyone in her life works toward the same goal. EVITA is, of course, the autobiography of Madonna. Or, at the very least, the story of Argentina's controversial populist hero Eva Peron is the role of Madonna's life. Say what you want about how well she acts it, but this lush pop-rock soundtrack is hard digital proof that she was born to sing it. Completely giving herself over to the role--the one thing her critics doubted she could ever do--Madonna turns in a vocal performance that may well surpass that on any of her own records.Madonna also, not surprisingly, dominates this soundtrack. She sings some parts, including the sad ballad "Another Suitcase In Another Hall," that weren't written for the role of Eva Peron; and Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, who won a slew of Tony Awards for the 1979 Broadway version of "Evita," have given her a new ballad, "You Must Love Me," that works equally well as an anthem for either Madonna or Peron. Actor Antonio Banderas, following up his small singing role in the movie "Desperado," proves a more-than-capable Che Guevara.Madonna staked much of her career on Evita, gambling that it would establish her as a proper movie star and respected actress, as well as reviving her slumping musical career. Both the film and the soundtrack, while worthy efforts, fall just short of their goals, despite their numerous strong points. The double-disc soundtrack to Evita -- which essentially is an audio document of the entire film, since there is no dialogue in the movie -- is an exquisitely produced and expertly re
Title: Evita (Music From the Motion Picture)
Genre: Soundtrack
Artist(s): Andrew Lloyd Webber
Label: Warner Records
Release Date: 7/29/1997
Product Type: CD
UPC: 093624669227
Item #: 62466922

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