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Exiled to Shanghai DVD
Exiled to Shanghai

Exiled to Shanghai

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Newsreel cameraman Ted Young returns home to New York from an exciting assignment overseas, covering the war in Spain. Ted learns, to his dismay, that rival photographer Charlie Sears (the same Charlie he had double-crossed out of the Spain assignment) isnow his boss. The vindictive Sears immediately sends Ted on a fluff assignment - to interview a recent sweepstakes winner. Rushing to get the assignment in the can, he accosts the wrong Miss Jones, photographing the lovely and spirited Nancy Jones instead. Nancy, a small-town school teacher desperate to escape her boring life, has just won a different contest and a trip to New York sponsored by the brand new Supreme Television Network. In the wake of the mix up, Ted loses his job at the faltering newsreel company but decides to pursue a very progressive idea - news broadcasts on television.Finding a sympathetic ear at the Supreme network, and a partner in Nancy, the first newsreel broadcast is set to be tested. With a major news merger on the line, the live TV broadcast of a zeppelin's airfield landing appears to go flawlessly until Ted realizes that he and the potential investors have been duped. The shady Network head has substituted a reel of archival footage for the live feed and as soon as the big contract is signed, attempts to flee with a suitcase full of the investor's cash. With his reputation and his dream of putting news on television in tatters, Ted must face criminal charges and find a way to win back Nancy.
Title: Exiled to Shanghai
Genre: Drama-Classics
Starring: Wallace Ford, June Travis, Dean Jagger, William Bakewell, Arthur Lake
Directors: Armand Schaefer, Nick Grinde
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 8/23/2005
Original Year: 1937
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 089218484499
Item #: ALP004844

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