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Famous Studios Screen Songs Classic Cartoon Collection DVD
Famous Studios Screen Songs Classic Cartoon Collection

Famous Studios Screen Songs Classic Cartoon Collection

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Start your day with a song and sing the whole day through with Famous Studios Screen Songs! Featuring music composed by the talented Winston Sharples, with cameo appearances by famous characters like Herman the Mouse, Buzzy the Funny Crow, Popeye the Sailor and more, these charming bouncing ball sing-a-long cartoons have delighted generations of cartoon fans for decades. Now you can enjoy 30 original uncut Screen Songs (plus a bonus Kartune) presented in their original theatrical release order in this special 2-disc collector's edition DVD set. Low key, high key, any old key, just start your day with a song! Includes: The Circus Comes to Clown (Dec. 1947) Base Brawl (Jan. 1948) Little Brown Jug (Feb. 1948) The Golden State (Mar. 1948) Winter Draws On (Mar. 1948) Sing or Swim (June 1948) Camptown Races (July 1948) The Lone Star State (Aug. 1948) The Funshine State (Jan. 1949) The Emerald Isle (Feb. 1949) Comin' Round the Mountain (Mar. 1949) The Stork Market (Apr. 1949) Spring Song (June 1949) The Ski's the Limit (June 1949) Toys Will Be Toys (July 1949) Farm Foolery (Aug. 1949) Our Funny Finny Friends (Aug. 1949) Marriage Wows (Sept. 1949) The Big Flame Up (Sept. 1949) Strolling Thru the Park (Nov. 1949) The Big Drip (Nov. 1949) Snow Foolin' (Dec. 1949) Blue Hawaii (Jan. 1950) Short'nin' Bread (Mar. 1950) Win, Place and Show Boat (Apr. 1950) Jingle Jangle Jungle (May 1950) Heap Hep Injuns (June 1950) Gobs of Fun (July 1950) Helter Swelter (Aug. 1950) Boos in the Nite (Sept. 1950) Hysterical History (Jan. 1953) The films featured in this DVD set are products of their time and feature content that may be objectionable to modern audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.
Title: Famous Studios Screen Songs Classic Cartoon Collection
Genre: Animation
Starring: Jack Mercer, Mae Questel
Studio: Mental Brain Media
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, 2 Pack
Release Date: 8/10/2021
Original Year: 2020
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 191092410232
Item #: 2420156X

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