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Genesis 7 Episode 2: Journey To The Sun DVD
Genesis 7 Episode 2: Journey To The Sun

Genesis 7 Episode 2: Journey To The Sun

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Genesis is the name of the space program of the future and is now the pinnacle of Space Exploration. Set in 2082, the Genesis 7 is the flagship of the Genesis fleet. Captain Enoch Andrews, his Niece: Imaging Specialist Priscilla Andrews and Nephew: Lieutenant Donton Andrews are sent on a year-long scientific, fact finding mission to explore the Solar System. Communications specialists Lieutenant Abby Jennings and her ground crew all work hard from Genesis Command to ensure their success. Each episode will have much in the way of scientific fact about the particular planet explored, but also hidden dangers and close calls are to be expected in space exploration. Attached to the bottom of the Genesis 7 Space craft is the Explorer/Lander fondly called "Little G" by it's pilot Lieutenant Donton Andrews. The Small craft will land on various planets where adventure soon follows. Think of it like an ultra realistic version of the Magic School Bus in space. It is educational in nature, but the solid storyline and adventure keeps the interest of children without them realizing that they are being taught. The menu would have the terminology used, and maps, graphics, etc used in the film, for the child to study after the episode.
Title: Genesis 7 Episode 2: Journey To The Sun
Genre: Special Interest-Educational
Studio: Bridgestone Multimed
Release Date: 9/11/2012
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 095163884383
Item #: 274794X

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