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Ghost School Trilogy DVD
Ghost School Trilogy

Ghost School Trilogy

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Whispering CorridorsLife is what you'd expect for young teenagers in this seemingly normal private all-girls school, until a past alumni returns as a teacher. She strikes up a new friendship with two very different students and a horrific course of events ensues. A teacher is found dead, apparently having committed suicide, and circumstances that inextricably link both the past and the present are unveiled. As the body count rises, the memories of the deaths unleash the echoes of ghosts down the corridors.Memento MoriMin-Ah Discovers a shared diary and is soon fascinated to learn that two people she thought to be very close friends have in fat begun a forbidden romance at her school. She finds herself unable to year her eyes away from the literally page-turning high drama of her classmates' lives, and the allure of the secret diary begins to take over. When one of the diary's writers is found dead from an apparent suicide, rumors spread and Min-Ah begins to feel a strange presence. The once tranquil school is transformed into a place of morbid terror, as if the words written in the journal, "memento mori" (remember the dead), have come to life.Wishing StairsLegend has it, if you climb the 28 stairs leading to the school dormitory and count each step aloud, a 29th step will appear and a spirit will grant you a wish. If your intentions are honorable, your wish can be a blessing of good fortune. But at this high school, where paranoia and jealousyreign supreme, malicious wishes are about to unleash an unspeakable evil. Be careful what you wish for; some wishes were never meant to be granted.
Title: Ghost School Trilogy
Genre: Horror, Foreign
Director: Ki-hyeong Park
Studio: Palisades Tartan
Number of Discs: 4
Attributes: Subtitled, Widescreen, Dolby
Release Date: 10/23/2007
Product Type: DVD
Rated: R
UPC: 842498083055
Item #: TAT008305

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