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Gladiator & Nick Knight DVD
Gladiator & Nick Knight

Gladiator & Nick Knight

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Two films starring TV heartthrobs at a great low price!THE GLADIATOR:Directed by Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, King of New York), and starring Ken Wahl (Wise Guy), Nancy Allen (Robo Cop, The Philadelphia Experiment), and Robert Culp (The Greatest American Hero, I Spy). Master mechanic Rick (Wahl) loses his brother to a homicidal maniac who kills motorists at random in his "death car." After a run in with a gang of punks who destroy his truck, Rick decides to become a vigilante. He converts hispick up into an armed and dangerous vehicle. Hunting down reckless drivers, he leaves them handcuffed for the police to find. The cops are after this "Gladiator," but Rick won't let up until he finds his brother's assassin, "Skull." When the two meet, it's a duel to the death and maybe an end to Rick's career as the vigilante Gladiator.NICK KNIGHT:Starring Rock Star Rick Springfield (General Hospital). When a dead body drained of blood shows up at the museum and an ancient Mayan goblet is missing, Nick Knight knows that his former master and nemesis, Lacroix, is to blame. Nick is a vampire and it was the evil Lacroix who transformed him centuries ago. The stolen goblet holds the key to releasing Nick from his curse of immortality. He's desperate to get it back, but Lacroix isn't about to give it up. Determined throughout the ages to lure Nick back to the dark side, Lacroix uses the goblet as bait, and a dramatic confrontation between the two vampires ensues.
Title: Gladiator & Nick Knight
Genre: Action / Adventure
Starring: Catherine Disher, Deborah Duchene, Nigel Bennett, Geraint Wyn Davies, Rick Springfield, Zoey Drake, Ken Wahl, John Kapelos, Nancy Allen, Robert Culp
Directors: Farhad Mann, Abel Ferrara
Studio: Image Entertainment
Release Date: 1/10/2012
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 014381776126
Item #: IMA177612

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