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Bring Home the Classics


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The Toho Godzilla Collection: Volume 1 DVD
The Toho Godzilla Collection: Volume 1

The Toho Godzilla Collection: Volume 1

List Price: $30.99
Price: $22.95
You Save: $8.04 (26%)
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Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for EarthWhen a trio of Japanese explorers attempts to bring an egg from Infant Island back to the mainland, a furious Godzilla awakens from the depths and attacks the party, causing the egg to hatch and forcing itsnewborn larvae to fend off the gigantic monster. With such a powerful foe to reckon with, has Godzilla finally met his match?Godzilla Vs. DestoroyahWith a super-charged blast from his nuclear past, a new Godzilla emerges from his own ashes, radioactive and ready to take on Tokyo! Soon, Godzilla must battle his deadliest challenge yet: Destoroyah. And when Godzilla Junior joins the ring, only the Super X-III can put the deep freeze on this three-way monster melee.Rebirth of MothraBR&When an accident uncovers the secret chamber of Desghidorah, a three=headed monster capable of turning Earth's green landscape into a barren desert, desperate measures are needed. The tiny twins, Moll and Lora, must call forth the long-silent powers of Mothra to battle this terrible creature.Godzilla Vs. King ChidorahWhen a mysterious U.F.O. is seen flying over Tokyo, tension mounts until the craft's occupants reveal themselves to be friendly aliens from the 23rd Century, who have come to warn mankind that Godzilla will soon awaken and wreak havoc upon the Earth unless he is destroyed. Meanwhile, a double threat arrives in the form of King Ghidorah, Godzilla's flying three-headed arch rival.Godzilla Vs. SpaceGodzillaThe military implants a telepathic amplifier in Godzilla's brain in order to bring the giant monster under control. In a faraway galaxy, the mutant SpaceGodzillia turns its evil eyes toward Earth, planning to destroy Godzilla and conquer the planet for it
Title: The Toho Godzilla Collection: Volume 1
Genre: Sci-Fi-Contemporary
Theme: Godzilla
Studio: Sony Pictures
Attributes: Full Frame, Widescreen, Dubbed, 3 Pack
Release Date: 10/19/2015
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 043396467668
Item #: 1526074X

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