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Golden Age of Television 3 DVD
Golden Age of Television 3

Golden Age of Television 3

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Studio One, sponsored by Westinghouse, was one of the premier anthology series of the 1950s. These two episodes present stories that touch upon the core principals of American freedom, highlighting the unending struggle to preserve our rights against thecreeping threat of tyranny.None but My Foe: The price of paranoia is evident in a small American town during WWII, when unscrupulous bureaucrats mistakenly jail an innocent woman for treason, indirectly leading to a second woman's death. The enraged brother of the deceased, determined to teach everyone a lesson, stages an ill-conceived stunt involving the town's drinking water supply. The ensuing madness, rumor and panic lead to more false arrests, mob riots and vigilante violence. Starring John Forsythe, Howard Freeman, June Dayton; Adapted and produced by Worthington Miner.The Trial of John Peter Zenger: In 1735, German born printer John Peter Zenger was unjustly imprisoned and put on trial for sedition and libel after publishing criticism of the New York colony's corrupt Governor William Cosby. In a rigged court, fighting against formidable odds, Zenger was ultimately acquitted. Fifty years later, this verdict would serve as the basis of the First Amendment - Freedom of the Press. Starring Eddie Albert, Marian Seldes, Frederick Worlock; Directed by Paul Nickell.
Title: Golden Age of Television 3
Genre: TV Drama
Starring: Marian Seldes, Betty Furness, Howard Freeman, John Forsythe, June Dayton, Eddie Albert
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Black & White, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 3/25/2008
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218556790
Item #: ALP855679

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