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The Great American Western: Volume 30: Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers DVD
The Great American Western: Volume 30: Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers

The Great American Western: Volume 30: Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers

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BAD MAN OF DEADWOODAll law and order have been lost in Deadwood. The judge and sheriff are powerless to stop a money-grubbing entrepreneur and his cohorts from preventing the town's honest businessmen from making a decent living. The grievous exploitsof nasty Jake Marvel (Ralf Harolde) have forced Deadwood's honest folk to become law-breakers themselves. And until Bill Brady, AKA Brett Starr (Roy Rogers), came into town with Mortimer "Gabby" Blackstone's (George "Gabby" Hayes) traveling medicine show, there had been no one to stop him. Although Bill is a fugitive from the law himself, that doesn't prevent him from coming to the aid of the town's citizens and restoring peace and justice to Deadwood.SHERIFF OF TOMBSTONEA wicked mayor has plansto take over Tombstone and has sent for a gunfighter to help him do it. But when Roy Rogers and pal Gabby Hayes ride into town, Roy is mistaken to be the fetched fighter, and Gabby is assumed to be his assistant. Unaware that it is a case of mistaken identity, Roy takes the job working for the mayor but soon realizes the town official is a crook. And just when Roy is about to expose the mayor's scandalous scheme, the real gunslinger shows up for a showdown.SUNSET SERENADEIn this musical Western, Roy Rogers comes to the aid of Eastern woman Sylvia Clark (Helen Parrish), who has just arrived in town to claim a ranch bequeathed to her infant ward. But shady land prospectors are eager to get their hands on the ranch themselves, and when Roy attempts to fight them by way of the law, the crooks resort to bullying. But Roy refuses to let Sylvia lose the ranch, and he quickly sets about exposing the prospectors as frauds and revealing their vile scheme.THE LIGHTS OF OLD SANTA FEThe Brooks
Title: The Great American Western: Volume 30: Gabby Hayes, Roy Rogers
Genre: Westerns
Starring: Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Elyse Knox, Carol Adams, Dale Evans, Pat Brady, Addison Richards, Lloyd Corrigan, Tim Spencer
Director: Joseph Kane
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 8/17/2004
Product Type: DVD
Rated: G
UPC: 096009207199
Item #: MTI020719

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