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Great Castles of Europe DVD
Great Castles of Europe

Great Castles of Europe

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Great Castles Of Europe Journey with us across Europe and the Middle East as we discover the history, beauty and power of the castle Across Europe the landscape is littered with the remnants of a bygone age. An idealized, romantic period of chivalry with glorious buildings and mighty kings. Beautiful castles can be found in every country along rivers, atop mountains and at the heart of medieval cities. But the truth is much more sinister. From the very beginning, mankind has waged war against it's own kind. Over millennia he has developed weapons to kill more and more people. Running parallel to this he needed to create methods of self defense. The castle is the ultimate symbol of that protection for lords, fighters and ordinary folk. It evolved as the weaponry advanced, and amazingly, it is still in use today. From awe inspiring forts high on hilltops, to fantasy style castles with moats and mounds, all kinds of styles emerged, all over the medieval world, to combat all kinds of foe. An amazing tale of innovation formed from the darkest element of the human condition - war. Crenelations, Machicolations, Hoardings, Motes and Baileys, what does it all mean? Journey with us across Europe and the Middle East as we discover the history, beauty and power of the castle.
Title: Great Castles of Europe
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Studio: World Wide Multi Med
Release Date: 6/23/2015
Original Year: 2014
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 889290105899
Item #: 1490156X

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