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Bring Home the Classics


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Great Horror Classics: Volume 11 DVD
Great Horror Classics: Volume 11

Great Horror Classics: Volume 11

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Price: $5.95
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BRIDE OF THE GORILLASome people will do anything for loveeven kill for it. This is the case for South American plantation manager Barney Chavez (Raymond Burr), whose irrepressible adoration for his boss's beautiful wife Dina (Barbara Payton) drives him to commit murder. Even with his boss out of the way, Barney's got a big problem. A local witch witnessed the crime, and she isn't about to let him get away with murder. The old hag puts a hex on Barney and when the day is through, Barney begins to transform into a savage, bloodthirsty ape-like thing that prowls the village at night in search of preySHE DEMONSJerrie Turner (Irish McCalla, Sheena Queen of the Jungle) seems to have everything going for her. She's rich, beautiful, and has a body to die forliterally. Because when she and heroic hunk Fred Maklin (Tod Griffin) and pal Sammy Ching (Victor Sen Yung) wind up marooned on an uncharted volcanic island, they're unaware that Jerrie is going to become a slavering, hideously mutated monster.BR&ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHESIn a small swampland town, people are mysteriously disappearing. Rumor has it that there is a new breed of swamp leeches that have grown to immense proportionsand when bodies are found drained of blood and covered ingiant sucker wounds, it seems that the gossip is true. Despite the evidence, the police refuse to listen. But when the bodies begin to pile up, the game warden (Ken Clark) gets involved. On the hunt for proof of the giant beasts' existence, the game warden discovers the leeches' lair. Horrified, he immediately laces the den with enough explosives to blow the beasts to hell, from whence they came.THE SOUND OF HORRORImagine a sound so sharp and piercingso painful that it can drive people out o
Title: Great Horror Classics: Volume 11
Genre: Horror
Starring: Lon Chaney, Irish McCalla, Ken Clark, Tod Griffin, Yvette Vickers, Raymond Burr, Victor Sen Yung, Jan Shepard, Rudolph Anders, Michael Emmet
Director: Curt Siodmak
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 6/15/2004
Product Type: DVD
Rated: PG13
UPC: 096009182496
Item #: MTI018249

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