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Bring Home the Classics


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Great Sci Fi Classics 8 DVD
Great Sci Fi Classics 8

Great Sci Fi Classics 8

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Price: $5.95
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THE KILLER SHREWSWhen Captain Thorne Sherman (James Best) docks at an isolated island to drop off supplies, he becomes stranded by a hurricane. The island is also inhabited by mad scientist Dr. Milo Craigis (Baruch Lumet) and his beautiful daughter Ann (Ingrid Goude). Dr. Craigis, who has been conducting tests to prevent overpopulation by shrinking humans, has accidentally created a race of giant shrews that manage to escape during the storm. After the monstrous beasts devour all of the island's animal inhabitants, they turn their voracious appetites to human cuisine. No one is safenot even the scientist that created them, and the only way to survive is to somehow make it off the islandCRASH OF THE MOONSRichard Crane stars in Crash of the Moons as the interminable space ranger Rocky Jones, commanding officer of the United Worlds' spacecraft. This time around Rocky must somehow prevent the inevitable collision of two populated planets. Flanked by his bumbling sidekick Winky (Scotty Beckett),the brilliant Professor Newton (Maurice Cass), and lovely navigator Veda (Sally Mansfield), it's up to Rocky and company to rescue the masses from certain doom.THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTHWhen married couple Harold (Antony Carbone) and Evelyn (Betsy Jones Moreland) go scuba diving with their lawyer-friend Martin (Robert Towne), the trio surfaces from the dive to discover a world starkly different from the one they left. During their excursion into the ocean's depths, a temporary malfunction in theatmosphere depleted the Earth's oxygen, killing off all of humanity. Suddenly, Evelyn has become the last woman on Earth, and both men will do whatever it takes to secure her as their owneven kill.TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACEA group of aliens l
Title: Great Sci Fi Classics 8
Genre: Science Fiction
Starring: Robert Towne, Richard Crane, James Best
Studio: Echo Bridge
Attributes: Black & White, Colorized
Release Date: 6/7/2005
Product Type: DVD
Rated: PG13
UPC: 096009320096
Item #: MTI032009

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