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Grindhouse Shock Show DVD
Grindhouse Shock Show

Grindhouse Shock Show

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Bloody Pit of HorrorBased on the infamous writings of the Marquis de Sade. A group of photographers and models arrive at an Italian castle owned by a deranged ex-actor who is the reincarnation of the notorious medieval torturer, the CrimsonExecutioner (Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay). When he discovers that his ex-girlfriend is among the group, the enraged madman subjects them to his dungeon of torture, with scantily clad victims pleading for mercy as they face the unendurable. Filmed in "Psychovision." The names in the credits of this Euro-trash classic have been anglicized to protect the guilty.Horrors of Spider Island (1962, B&W)A team of chorus girls find themselves caught in a deadly web when they are shipwrecked on aremote South Seas island. The lush, tropical isle seems an ideal place to await their rescue, but hidden in the jungle are giant poisonous spiders. A venomous bite transforms the girls' escort into a disfigured beast, half-man and half-insect, who huntsdown the defenseless girls and slaughters them one by one. The dancers' only hope for survival is to work together in a final stand against the monster. Originally released in West Germany with the title Ein Toter hing im Netz, this campy sexploitation film uses every trick in the book to sneak a peek at its heroines' nubile bodies.Nightmare CastleMuriel and David are caught in an adulterous affair by her sadistic husband Stephen, who subjects the couple to horrific tortures in his laboratory. He viciously executes them, but they are far from being disposed of. The unholy lovers return from the grave to wreak horrifying revenge on the scheming doctor and Muriel's psychotic twin sister, Jenny. Originally released as Amanti d'Oltretomba,
Title: Grindhouse Shock Show
Genre: Horror
Starring: John Ashley, Barbara Steele, Mickey Hargitay, Camilla Carr, Alex D'Arcy
Directors: Eddie Romero, Massimo Pupillo, S.F. Brownrigg
Studio: Alpha Video
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: Black & White
Release Date: 7/27/2010
Original Year: 2010
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 089218701299
Item #: ALP870129

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