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Hawaii Oslo DVD
Hawaii Oslo

Hawaii Oslo

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It's the hottest day of the year in Norway, and seven disparate souls are about to cross paths without knowing what fate has in store for them. Frode and Milla are about to become parents, but they are heartbroken to learn that their newborn child will likely not be long for this world. Bobbie-Pop is a fallen pop singer who sees no other escape from his pain than to take his own life. Institutionalized kleptomaniac Leon is determined to seek out and marry Åsa - the woman with who has sworn to marry hithin the span of a decade. When Leon's brother Trygve checks his brother out of the institution under the auspices of celebrating Leon's birthday, he has no idea that his brother is determined to remain a free man at all costs. The angel who connects allof these unassuming souls is Vidar, Leon's best friend at the institution, and the man with the power to see things that none of the others can even comprehend. Though Vidar may be able to save all of the others from a grim fate, it remains to be seen ifhe will be able to save himself when all is said and done.
Title: Hawaii Oslo
Genre: Drama, Foreign
Starring: Jan Gunnar Røise, Jan Gunnar R ise, Trond Espen Seim, Jan Gunnar Roise, Petronella Barker, Evy Kasseth Rosten, Stig Henrik Hoff, Aksel Hennie
Director: Erik Poppe
Studio: Film Movement
Attributes: Subtitled
Release Date: 2/27/2007
Original Year: 2004
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 616892693925
Item #: FMM069392

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