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Heal for Free DVD
Heal for Free

Heal for Free

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If you are an Earthling, Heal for Free has an important and uplifting message for YOU. Shot in the rarely-seen, luxuriant 35mm format with a larger-than-life score performed by the Czech Filmharmonic Orchestra, the film delivers a timely, yet timeless message that is totally vital to literally everybody on the planet. Heal for Free is a Transformational Media project about the health benefits of Grounding/Earthing. The film informs us about the little-known fact that the Earth's surface emits a constant stream of electrons, which neutralize the disease-causing free radicals in our bodies. Nature Deficit Disorder is a recently identified syndrome of chronic, inflammatory conditions, which manifest in an array of body aches and fatigue, non-restorative sleep and a poor immune system, among other complaints, all of which are caused by staying inside all day and wearing shoes at virtually all times thus, depriving people of the naturally-healing electrons, which constantly flow from the surface of the Earth. The practice of making regular skin contact with the Earth, like taking barefoot walks on the beach or on the grass - or better yet -swimming in natural bodies of water have been shown, in various clinical trials, such as one held at the University of Florida at Gainesville, to help heal or dramatically improve cases of chronic inflammatory diseases in 95 percent of all cases.
Title: Heal for Free
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Director: Steve Kroschel
Studio: Passion River
Release Date: 9/15/2015
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 040232270826
Item #: 1511207X

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